+ Would you like to decrease burdens, worries, miseries?
+ Would you like to organize a funeral ceremony of solemn ritual, seriousness, carefully and full of meaning ?

Luong Chieu

+ Organizing funeral ceremony solemnly as of each religious ritual.
+ Dedicated, serious and careful employees in services.

+ Supplying coffin of various styles, especially with glass and freezing service of corps to wait for relatives.
+ Decoration and supply of the funeral cart, Attendee car.
+ Ceremonial music, photo and camera man.
+ Services of mending for a location in a coffin showing at home, burning stove, tomb, tomb construction, tomb dislocation or funeral ceremony organized in the pagoda, church...
+ Provide the embalming services (preserving the corpse), the 03-class coffin (Tole zinc + wood .. ), the mortuary , funeral services ... Perform all the necessary procedures permission at police agencies , foreign affairs , embassies , health, customs...
+ Contact to the airlines cargo to bookings the flights to transport the remains to the other airports in Vietnam and abroad by air with cheapest prices and shortest times.
+ On behalf of client, we do all to get the papers at Customs, Fumigation for coffin abroad to bury in Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat Airport.
+ We do all funeral services...to make the humain remain R.I.P

+ Having years of experience in funeral services and good relationships with the Government agencies, we provide you the good services in the shortest time and lowest price.

Particularly and only available at Van Phuoc Funeral as: Death is Everything to Erase, we are happy to arrange funeral ceremony for families in difficulty, with few members and of misery.

-*- To serve you is our honour, whatever you ask will be responded satisfactorily -*-