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Dear friends,

+ As a Vietnamese in particular or Asians in general, the notion of our lives now is still influenced by Asian cultures.

+ The theory Lunisolar - Five of the Service along with are the core of the ancient oriental philosophy. The theory that was once a solid foundation for the industry as well as natural science and humanities and social ancient university and center, especially the Faculty of Medicine and Ancient History Cards.

+ The theory above is closely related to the method chosen date, time, good - bad, which are very common in people from a variety of life is now. However, strewn over the length of thousands of years of history, Music theory Ocean - Wu Xing has also been covered by a layer of dust superstitious, allergic predictions by the wizard to take advantage of it to the speculative sentiment, as confused right and wrong. So do not at the old schedule due to the influence of the sect, wizard...Others share the calendar to select the color dye on allergic decency, causing know how the tricky and annoying to users.

+ The geographer has combined theory with the savior of Fu Xi theory Lunisolar - Wu Xing Nien creates concept destiny, fate .. Emperor and set out the Bat Toys Trach, a basis for the selection method direction; to build a house, set doors, kitchen, built the tomb...

+ We are a business establishments and burial services, we saw that how bad crying scene - bad jokes by the trust are the excessive part of the customer to choose date integrity attack, buried, select direction of graves...

+ Some people not only believe but to obey blindly to the selection date, not only for the wedding, burial, opening, ground breaking, the production, examinations, but...hope or fear of an invisible words based on parts, home of his master by...something.

+ Thus, with the aim to help you to find out the need or want to understand and compare, test results back option on right now in theory "Lunisolar - Wu Xing" an easy, effective, there is scientific and can avoid the less superstitious wrong role in the selection on-time we have tried to set up this program. We also believe that this spreadsheet is very useful for monks and nuns, Buddhist or anyone like ocean research in theory...

+ In addition to providing the results to select the day - now, and applications from the review date (such as using good-bad results on-time delivery of the transport network to see them .....) I also added some utilities like: View horoscope Lifetime (in accordance with clause cup full), Review of the relations with others depends on sex and birth, Search term Tai Tam and how worship term solution, measure the hand - Guess the Number of Network See Bat monster home, Doan Diem - Good dream (dream), see stars and star worship The award term, see Tu Cung; for the dead, Bat blame circumstances and the Select direction (direction of home, land navigation, user store, user rooms, kitchens, graves ...), Old Ruler, The good-bad, and size (size Lổ board, size general), viewed by the Western...The add-on...separated out in each separate sheet convenience in searching.

+ In the year 2009, we have developed a new network, it is loading service, science predictions from thousands of old. Content loading progress is divided into two general service sheet cinnamon and analysis "NICE and GOOD NUMBER". We have tried to do everything to make our product more correctable in the year 2012. We will continue to update more new functions in the next versions.

+ Wishing everyone can use easily, the program was established based on of Microsolf Excel spreadsheet - is a software application is installed in most computers.

+ Because of the limit knowledge and abilities we are so hard to limit inevitable mistakes, shortcomings in the results of the spreadsheet. Hope your sympathy and suggestions for improvements to add more and longer.

+ Please note: The results of the spreadsheet only meaningful reference, we will not avoid any subject about the physical and mental work done by the spreadsheet.

+ Please note: All the structural changes, content of the gadget must be agreed by us...You should not use the spreadsheet horoscope Van Phuoc has been modified, no clear origin (if any) because it can make your PC compromised and / or utility will not work correctly..

+ Thankful the authors who wrote the documents I refer to those who helped me and completed this difficult task (see references).

The 1st verson: 2003
Last update: 2021