In addition to organizing funerals according to specific requirements, we also provide funeral services in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces with a common list available in 02 forms: CREMATIONBURIAL.

NOTE :These are package services with a variety of fees. The price depends on three factors: (1) Design, size, quality of the coffin - (2) The cost of decoration and service of the funeral - (3) Quantity, type, frequency of funeral associated services.


(01) CONSULTING SERVICES : provides family counseling, guidance and implementation services on the procedures to be done before, during and after the funeral.
(02) SUPPORTING SERVICES : provides cleaning corps service and shroud, dressing in Buddha (or Holy Dress), makeup on corpse. Service of transporting HUM (from the hospital, private house, apartment ...) to the HUM storage (cold room) or funeral place (private house or funeral home) by ambulance or dedicated funeral carts.
(03) COFFINS: provides 01 of more than 24 types of coffins dedicated to cremation funeral services.
(04) COFFINS DECORATION: providing 01 of 12 decorations including inside the coffin (glued, lined, tea shroud, shroud, embalmed) and outside the coffin (painting PU, mounted decorations, lamp stand, lamp post, flowers ...).
(05) FUNERAL HOME DECORATION: provide 01 of 12 decorative styles for the altar (altar), Buddha table (or Mass desk) .... with incense, lamps, votive paper, candles, flowers, fruit and other decorations inside the ceremony.
(06) PLACE OF THE CEREMONY (HOUSEHOLD): Provide an arch house (pavilion), tables and chairs, drinking water, tea cake ... to welcome visitors if the funeral is held in a private house or public room copper (apartment). We may also recommend, register and pay rental feesfuneral home as the customer needs.
(07) MONKS: To invite monks and blessings (according to regional and ethnic customs) to chant prayers, pray for supernatural prayers during the incarnation, coffin, and cremation ceremony (for Catholic families, the funeral must be by themselves. contact churches, parishes in each area to recite prayers, do rituals).
(08) MOURNING CLOTHING: providing 01 of 03 types of mourning clothing including front-wear as required for the family in traditional or modern style.
(09) FUNERAL STALL: worker to cary the coffin into the funeral van (or to the church) and taken the coffin to the cremation station.
(10) CEREMORY MUSIC - PHOTO - CAMERA: providing a full range of music ceremonies by regions (South, Central, North) and ethnic groups (Vietnamese, Chinese ...). Photo and camera ceremonies services dependingon the needs of the funeral homeowner.
(11) TRUCK UNION CEREMONY: providing coffin vehicles (dragon cart, dragon boat, funeral car ...), guide car (pickup truck carrying Buddha statue, carrying statue of God, carrying image), leading car (motorcycle, Jeep), passenger car (7 seats, 16 seats, 45 seats) for moving coffins and taking and taking guests off.
(12) CREMATION PALACE: providing registration services, paying fees to buy cremation services ... around Ho Chi Minh City such as: Binh Hung Hoa (Binh Tan ), Da Phuoc (Binh Chanh), Phuc An Vien (District 09), Binh Duong, Dong Nai ...
Luong Chieu

Particularly and only available at Van Phuoc Funeral as: Death is Everything to Erase, we are happy to arrange funeral ceremony for families in difficulty, with few members and of misery.

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