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Peaceful Burial - Cremational Burial - Lifting Burial - Delicated Burial

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Peaceful Burial

+ This is a form of burying by means of entering the coffin into soil. When finishing, a tomb is often filled with soil higher than the existing surface of the land, some wall to be built to form a tomb shape. Sometimes, relatives also erect a fence to surround the tomb as to protect… Place of lying dead body - called tomb - is often dug in rectangular shape with the measurement of 0.9m wide, 2.2m long and 1.6m deep (belonging the style of the coffin.) For many cases, minor relatives first buy the land piece to preserve for their about-to-die family member (now still breathing), this piece of land is named 'Living Part'.

Burying with fire

+ Yet Burial is a traditional habit and most used by human, nowadays Fired burying deems also the method of Burial that is favorite. By burning a fire, the dead body remains just a bit of ash, then, filled in a ceramic pot neattly. Remaining bone pot is designed in diversified style suitable to each region. After burning, an owning family can send the pot to worship at home or, to a pagoda or church… The family pays not money to build tomb construction and renewal… as if following this method of Burial.

Lifted Burial

+ Long long ago, some went to carry out business far from home, on the way, unluckily suffering sunny or windy sick and sudden death to come to end the life, just then, a companion or other traveler recognized, but they had time only enough to mark the place where the sick person went away, no any more minute to dig a hole to burry, lately, visiting the dead person's family to announce the bad news to them. Now when those relatives came to find out what happened, worm had already filled the dead body. Those relatives considered it is a good place for burying their member as if Heaven had preserved to and burried on behalf of them, this is why it's called Lifted Burial. As believing the family future will be improved, human touched the tomb intact and just filling some soil onto the worm nest to hill up, no relocation of Burial. Those lifted tombs are often seen on a side of a road, over many years and years but higher and higher filled. Inhabitants surrounding and travellers passing by took care of the tomb, worshiping, offering with a belief the yang souls (dead persons) were very holy and were going to support, helping human to be wealthy, promotional....

Restoration Buried

+ Restoration is digging a burial that was buried up, pick up bones, classified as a state or use of chinaware Guo integrity back, decency to bring wealth buried (buried again) where another land. Old coffin be removed, not reused for other. There are many causes for families who must decide Restoration buried dead:

+ It is possible that because of the poor, when his parents lost no money for arrangements, bought a coffin temporarily bad, temporary burial, after three years of the buried wealth.

+ For the land burial place was detailed connection, water flooding, with clearance ...

+ Because of the information on the geography, instead of the code that was unjustly cauliflower or natural vegetation on the code fade...the left is in bad land reform should be buried. Burial must improve first day ceremony report from roads, to improve day burial ceremony to make room for the soil, Attendance code ..
While improvements have buried three to "Swedish schools" (ie has been good code) are not modified buried; the training ground if you see the snake is gold for a 'long air soap character'; the open coffin in the noose wraps the tangerines for a "land link"; little land available for warm and dry in vented no water or water droplets close as milk. When you encounter one of the phenomena, they must immediately repeat immediately. Usually when people buried wealth or at night or early morning. That is because the experience, there are many cases that meet one of three "Swedish schools" since the reform should not increase, to repeat now. If so can test it intact at the meeting at the sun fall on (day) Wash the test can be immediately and shrink.

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