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Preparation - Urgent Things

@ + Move the person about to die to the main room, lay his or her dead east as it is normal. Though, in town, house is small, the body is laid as follows:

+ Head put along the direction of front to rear of the house: Vietnamese style.

+ Head put facing the road: style of those of Chinese's origin.

@ + Question if the ill person has anything of will or wishing to meet anyone before departing.

@ + Assign a member to guard for at least one being aside anytime.

@ + Praying ceremonies following each religion, Christian ailment (regional clergyman visits at home), offering for peace and freeing praying for the person about to die (praying voice records can be applied instead)

@ + Prepare to wash and enter the dead person into the coffin.

@ + When a relative died, it is necessary to be controlled, try to pack the pain in order to organize the funeral completely.

@ + Family members are to wash the dead body themselves. Only in a case unwilling, better not to let other people to do for. The dead person is cleaned by his or her relatives using warm water or alcohol with a clean towel, nail cut. Then the dead person is to be put on with clothes he or her used to or, Buddhist/Catholic wear and the dead body is put on a bed, limbs are arranged netty (if needed, a string will be used to tie two great toes together up. Those follow Buddhism lay a hand of unripe banana onto the abdomen and add some rice grains, gold and silver notes (colorized only) and some ancient coins as following ancient rule 'Seven for man, nine woman' into the mouth, span or a small bag clinging to the dead person.

@ + During the time before entering in a coffin, the body must be covered with a blanket or sedge mat. For the time being, a small chair is put in front of the dead body and those follow Buddhism lay a bowl of rice, an egg, erecting a pair of chopsticks onto the bowl and burning incense. Christians put a hard board paper written with Christian name of the dead person. It is absolutely not to spray perfume onto deadpeople (which is wrong because the odour of dead person will cause worse odor once perfume sprayed onto.)

@ + House must be rearranged airily, prepare for the location of the coffin, worshiping altar, guest seats.

@ + Hurry to fill Application for burial presented to the committee of ward or village where the person has died (Note: once a person dies in a location, it must to report to the local government, the person who is reporting is the one who has registration of permanent residence at the place of the dead person. Then inform of relatives here and here.

@ + Meet and discuss with the family about the way to proceed with funeral, define the time to enter the body in the coffin, location of burial or burning. It is normal that family members get advice from monks or catholical regional council to verify most suitable time.

@ + Make a contact to us to choose and purchase a coffin and discuss about other services.

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