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11 Abstinence things in the Funeral

1. People attend to the funeral

People in the funeral only wear black and white. They hace to avoid dressing up, flashy, open, not laughing too loud, playing loudly. The elderly, pregnant women, children or those who are raped by the rabies, burnt and buried may be exposed to cold air from the dead body of the sick person. Older homes, young children and pregnant women living near the funeral home have to put burning charcoal packs and grapefruit to remove the bad air.

2. Abstaining from cats and dogs leaping over the corpse

" When the corpse has not been placed in the corpse, relatives often have to watch each other day and night to grieve.In addition to this, the guard is to avoid cats and dogs jump through corpse died, avoid the phenomenon of colon (ie dead people wake up to catch people).

3. Avoid tears falling into the coffin

Do not let tears fall on the shroud, because the children will do difficult to eat, so the connoisseur will not cry. The witness of the mercy of the deceased to the place must be a distance to avoid tears falling into the body.

Do not let tears fall into the cofin

To avoid the case that children will do difficult to eat, so the connoisseur will not cry. The witness of the mercy of the deceased to the place must be a distance to avoid tears falling intothe body.

5. Do not turn around when you leave

After the end of the funeral, when leaving the absolute we need to avoid turning back.

6. Abstain from marriage, marry when there are a mourning of theirsparents

Mourning, abstaining from a husband or wife during a funeral process in order to show respect, regret the deceased. In the pass, to mourn concept is 3 years. But today, the diet is not as thorough as before. Some families can get married, give her husband after one year.

7. Buried Time

When burying the dead, abstaining from clothes or belongings of the living to the dead, so that the dead take away part of the living, causing the living to be stupid or forgetful. At the same time, the survivors abstain from lying on extra beds, dressing in leftovers, and leaving the deceased's leftovers.

8. Abstain from direct exposure from sunlight

Typically, families choose the date and time for the funeral (sand). Renewal is always done at night to avoid sunlight because there are many cases where the body is still intact after years of sun exposure, the body will be washed and shrink.

9. Does not use willow wood to make coffin

According to the folk concept, the canopy used wood willow trees. Willow seedless, afraid of the next life without successors. The best material for making coffins is cedar wood or cypress.

10. Choose the funeral date and burial location

Usually, Vietnamese have to choose the date, time and burial location to avoid the unlucky ones. The position of good or bad graves can affect future generations. Here are some taboos when choosing a burial site: Do not be buried in a large boulder. Not buried in sandy beaches and fast flowing water. Not buried in canals and deserted areas. Do not bury the lonely mountain peaks. Not buried around temples, pagodas, temples. No buried near the prison. Do not bury the hilly mountains. Do not bury the melancholy landscape. Do not bury in damp or unstable terrain

11. Other notes

With hangers who commit suicide: Relatives have to cut off the rope without pulling the rope so that the wickedness ends, avoid death.

For the dead in the street, drowning: Relatives of the dead have to organize funeral at the dead or built in the field for the ceremony, abstinence from the home because of the sound will not benefit the business of those in the house.

When children die before parents: Parents abstain mourning for children lost first adversity, unfilial, causing much pain. Parents may be sad that fainted on the path to take ghost, life impact should do so with sadness, avoid mourning.

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