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Cremation stove – Graveyard – Tomb Construction – Tomb Dislocation

[Photos of Cremations and Graveyards]


At present, the longer the more client choosing the form of cremation. Therefore you have to get in touch with coffin farms to enroll at cremation centers right after contracting. The enrollment must be carried out the sooner the better in order to book a place for relative, avoiding the situation of waiting for. In Ho Chi Minh City, you can get a contract at one of the following locations.

Binh Hung Hoa Cremation Center

Managed by the State with polite scene, most modern technology is applied in the south, located on Tan Ky Tan Quy Street, Binh Hung Hoa Village, Binh Tan District (Ba Queo Zone) Cremation stove system is controlled electrically, gas for burning coffin then waiting time is short (some 2-3 hours) and reducing exhausted gases that cause environmental pollution. The cost of one gas stove shift varies from 3.6 to 5.6 millions of VND.

Phước Lạc Viên Cremate

Built near Lo O Stream of Thuan An District, Bình Dương Province. The cost of one gas stove shift varies from 3.0 to 4.6 millions of VND.

Da Phuoc Cremation

found in graveyard Da Phuoc, Binh Chanh District. It is builded in Da Phuoc Graveyard.

Phuc An Vien Cremation

It is builded in Phuc An Vien Graveyard, District 9 and it is new.

+ Thap Long Tho Cremation: It is builded near the Ho Chi Minh City’s Graveyard II (Cu Chi) and it is new and large.

Hoa Vien Binh Duong Cremation

It is builded in Phuc An Vien Graveyard, Binh Duong and it is new.


Binh Hung Hoa Graveyard (Ba Queo zone)

This is a very old graveyard and it wil be closed in the next year or the year after that.

Go Dua Graveyard (Thu Duc District)

Crossing Binh Trieu Bridge, at cross Binh Phuoc, turn right, at the distance of some 2.5km trace on the left a hill used to be this graveyard. You can choose a rather fine tomb with acceptable price (from 15 to 48 millions of VND/case). However, it is not much free land in this graveyard for the time being.

The Ho Chi Minh City’s Graveyard I (Thu Duc):

Located near Duong Son Restaurant, it is a location spared only for cadres, communist members… You must obtain introduction paper from Department of Disable and Society then consideration for granting a piece of land herein, you must also follow the arrangement of tomb position by this organization. The graveyard is finely organized and managed, there is a system of a canvas tent, sound system for ceremony cone prior to burial. At present, land is occupied almost no longer available, relatives then recommended to City’s Graveyard II (in Cu Chi District) just builded last five years.

Lai Thieu Graveyard

This is rather far from the city center therefore it is a place rather stable. You can be rested to choose one of two graveyards: Lai Thieu A (often for chinese) and B (for others). Cost: from 30 to 80 million of VND.

Phuc An Vien Graveyard

It is builded in District 9. It is new but not cheap.

Moreover, there are also other graveyards, small ones surrounding pagodas...

Tomb Construction

There are two styles, tomb built and assembled (the one already made in the producing location, only moved to the tomb to the assembly.) You have to pay attention to the tomb if its land is weak, you must ask for building brick wall from bottom to top before lowering coffin in order to avoid collapse to come. A reality is that even knowing you can save a lot of money if contract made with outside builders but people often choose builders available right at the graveyard. It is this that if you ask the builders in the graveyard, they will be liable to maintain, take is the tomb intact, not damaged by bad people. The cost of construction is rather high depending on style and materials, from 12 to 180 millions of VND a case.

Tomb Dislocation

Tomb buried for years but depending on the style of the coffin, material of shroud, the geography situation of the burial place, body situation of the deceased… time to self-decay differs. When making contract of tomb dislocation (normally coffin farms and graveyard employees accept this job) you have to require them to offer for each case with different price… avoiding to be choked when affair is on the way to be done.

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