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Camera, Attendee Carrying Car

Benefiting the progress of science and technology, nowadays human can record memorable events completely, frankly and most vividly. You can record yourselves funeral of relative using your family own camera. However, we recommend professional camera services.

It is because when an important even occurs, you are very sad as relative departs, you are managing many jobs including funeral formality, services contract, purchase of offering, acceptance of attendees… therefore you have not enough strength and time for other jobs. We have ever witnessed many situations, because no professional cameraman invited, a lot of families go regretful because of technical troubles damage pictures which cannot be seen again. Attendee carrying car the same, you can get in toutch car rental services of good reputation or simpler you can ask coffin farms for help (most of the farms have a connection with video, camera and car services) to avoid regrettable situations.

How many cars are sufficient ?This is what to estimate, very difficult for you to verify the quantity of attendees to come to walk to. You can get advice those who have come to offer, checking if they are going to walk to, you can also observe them in bowing before the corpse: if going to walk to, they will bow twice and four times if not.

* * Note also funeral cart will not return your home, therefore number of car occupiers will be bigger than before burial.

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